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History should begin immediately after high school graduation until the present time. Include specific month, year and type of activity.

Write in "Not Applicable" or "N/a" if enrolled in school immediately after high school graduation.

Additionally include:
- Major
- Attendance (From/To)
- Major
- Month and year of completion or anticipated graduation date
- 2-Year Program, 4-Year Program, or 5-Year Program

Include Student Activities (student government, sorority, National Honor Society, etc.), Community Activities (Boys and Girls club, church, etc.), Athletics, or any other extracurricular activities (please specify). Indicate elected offices held, if any. Specify purpose of local organizations.

i.e. Commercial, Design/Build, Heavy Civil

Include all industry related internships, full-time employment, summer employment and/or part-time work briefly explaining duties and responsibilities (beginning with your most recent job). If writing in, include: Time worked (ex: From May 2018 to August 2018), Firm name and Type of business, Address, and your duties. If part-time work, indicate number of hours per week.

Source of funding for College Expenses

Source of funding for College Expenses

Source of funding for College Expenses

Source of funding for College Expenses

Source of funding for College Expenses

Tuition, room, board, books

i.e. Dallas, Oklahoma City, California, etc.

Include his/her/their name, relationship (brother, mother, dad, uncle, etc.), employer, position in company, and if they are a part of a TEXO or AGC/ABC member firm.

The TEXO Foundation Scholarship 2020 is operated by TEXO Foundation and runs from October 1, 2020 to November 2, 2020. All students who are a least 16 years old and are permanent legal residents of the United States are eligible (additional eligibility may apply). Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary to enter or win.

Scholarship description

In 2019, the TEXO Foundation awarded $32,000 in scholarships to students from regional universities, and we look forward to them starting their career in the North Texas area for employment through internships and upon graduation. Applications are for students interested in working in the construction industry in North Texas with at least one semester remaining in their program of study (including Graduate students). 

Students are encouraged to apply for the scholarships on an annual basis. After receiving the applications, the TEXO Foundation reviews the applications and determines which students will receive an opportunity to interview for a scholarship. Many factors weigh into the decision of awarding scholarships, and the Foundation takes time to visit with the candidates in a panel-style interview virtually.


  • Interested in starting your career in North Texas
  • At least one semester remaining in your program of study
  • Desire to work in the commercial construction industry
  • Unofficial OR official copy of your transcript

For questions, please contact the TEXO Foundation at